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Diecast Masters America Western Star 49X Unboxing

The construction genre of the RC world is a interesting one. The attention to detail and scale realism is amazing as you can see in the Diecast Masters America’s newest truck, the Western Star 49X. It has all the detail and then some. It’s much bigger than their previous vehicles, and it looks great. If you are thinking about getting into the construction scene, Diecast Masters America is a name you are going to want to follow.

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The Diecast Masters Western Star 4900 2020 Dump Truck is street priced at just $239 and has a part number of #27007.

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We don’t see the new truck on HRP’s Website yet, but they will be carrying the full line here.

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Posted by in Unboxing on Monday, October 26th, 2020 at 10:41 am