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DJI Inspire 2

DJI Inspire 2 Camera Drone

Just in time for the holiday season, DJI Innovations has announced the Inspire 2. For you guys that are serious about your camera drones, that should be some big news. The Inspire 2 takes off where the first version left off with a number of improvements. Here is the scoop-

* Top speed of 67 mph
* 0 to 50mph in 4 seconds
* CineCore 2.0 processing
* Dual battery design
* Works with 5.2K gimbal cameras
* Stabilized 2 axis FPV camera
* Precision hover
* Advanced obstacle sensing
* Maximum altitude of 8,200 feet
* Fast descent & ascent, max descent speed of 9m/s
* Up to 27 minute runtime
* Self heating for cold environments
* Streams video from onboard FPV camera & main camera simultaneously

The Inspire 2 isn’t light on the wallet with a street price of $2,999, but then the good stuff is never cheap. Want more details? If so, Click On This Link to head on over to DJI’s official website.

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