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mystery contest

Dozen Mystery Vehicle Weekly Giveaway – Rules and Information

mystery contest
So it was time to step things up and do something major for the readers. We know what readers want, FREE VEHICLES right? So we have hooked up with a few companies to give a bunch away. We will be giving away vehicles from ARRMA RC, Team Durango, Duratrax, and Thunder Tiger!

We are going to give away one vehicle a week for 12 weeks! How awesome is that?

How’s the contest work, and how do you enter? Every Monday, starting August 20th, we will pick a random person that has left a valid comment and email address in one of our Daily Contest Posts to win a vehicle. You will be allowed to enter once a day during that week. So if you come back each day and leave a comment, you have a better chance to win because you will have more entries. You may ONLY WIN ONCE! So if you won a vehicle the first week, you are not allowed to enter to win any more of the 12 vehicles. You can enter other contests that we will be running during this time, but You can only win in the Dozen Mystery Vehicle Giveaway once. Don’t bother trying to enter with fake names and email addresses, we have the software to track that stuff down. You don’t want to be disqualified from this one, it’s going to be awesome!

Every week we are giving away a new vehicle. To keep it fun and interesting, we are not going to tell you what vehicle you have about to win until we pick a winning entry. The vehicles could be nitro or electric, but mostly electric. Just know that we are giving you brand new ready to run vehicle from ARRMA RC, Team Durango, Duratrax, or Thunder Tiger!

Again, all you need to do is locate the Daily Contest Entry Post, post a comment with a valid email address, and you are entered. Feel free to get creative with your comments to keep us awake, but keep in mind the winner for that week is completely random from valid entries.

Because of shipping issues, this contest is limited to the continental United States Only. Sorry. Getting radio and other equipment overseas and across boarders lately just isn’t that easy any more, and costly.

Comments left on the Facebook page do NOT count. You must enter a comment on the Big Squid RC webpage.

Here are the links so far for the Daily contest entries!

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Week 3 – Day 1
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Week 4 – Day 1
Week 4 – Day 2
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Week 4 – Day 6
Week 4 – Day 7

Week 5 – Day 1
Week 5 – Day 2
Week 5 – Day 3
Week 5 – Day 4
Week 5 – Day 5
Week 5 – Day 6

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