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Drift Arms Race!

The RC drift scene continues to up the ante, this time with an arms race! For the advanced drifter looking for additional tweaks take a look at the new Overdose and Wrap Up Next rear arms. Available in standard 2.5mm or 3mm arm pins, these should fit most RC drifters on the market today.

Overdose brings a new design with the “Rear Suspension Arm Trailing Angle 5deg”. This arm features an angled and adjustable arm that adds toe-in during suspension stroke. The theory goes that toe-in can aid high speed, high angle drifting because the rear outside wheel is pointing forwards during the drift, getting more traction. This design works to overcome the issues with static rear toe; slower in a straight line and the car fighting to straighten out.

Meanwhile, Wrap Up Next has released the VX3 Rear Arm. These arms retain the lever mounting point of the V2 arms, but also allow the user to run a traditional shock mounting point directly on the arm. The lever design is meant to increase the moment of inertia and make the stroke feel softer (because of the lever).

Regardless of where you stand on the arms race, it’s a great time to be an RC drifter!

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