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Drift Itch

Hey gang, Evol here, you may (or more likely not) know me from my YouTube channel “Evol Villain RC” or from the podcast I co-host “RC Car Cast”. “Blah blah” you say, I know, anyway what I’m getting at is my life pretty well revolves around RC. I have been in the hobby for decades and now I’ve teamed up with BigSquidRC to help bring RC drift to the masses. Over my time involved with the hobby I’ve seen trends and crazes come and go, but some of these fads continue to evolve and make the transition into industry mainstay. RC drift is one of those movements that has been on a low simmer for a while now, slowly building into a fully matured part of the hobby.

One trend I’ve noticed the last few years is the increase in scale realism industry wide. I think it really got big in the crawler segment of the hobby. Just browse any scale crawler gallery to see some of the eye popping builds. The drift guys have been bitten by the bug as well. Gone are the days when you throw any old sedan body on your touring car and go get sideways. Nope, that stuff is ancient history. Today’s drifters look and handle more like the real thing than ever before. Extreme steering angles, offset torque splits (known as counter steer or CS) or even full-on rear wheel drive (RWD) drift rigs are common sights at drift meets now. These tail happy creations can hang a drift out for days and just seem to move in slow motion. The best part about all of this is that it can all be done on a very low budget.

But that’s all technical and we can get into that later. Let’s focus on looks. The level of detail in vacuform lexan bodies lately is astounding, and companies like HPI, Tamiya and Yokomo are flooding the market with those little scale accessories to give your drifter a level of detail only dreamed of in the past. Full interiors, lighting, drivers, really the sky’s the limit on how detailed you want to go. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For now feast your eyes on some of the purpose built drift rigs I spotted at my local drift club meet and see if you get bitten by the drift bug as well. I apologize to your significant others in advance for any money you may spend scratching your “Drift Itch”.

That’s it for now, keep it sideways.


Special thanks to KCRC and Kansas City RC Drift Movement for the photos.

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Posted by in RC Drifting on Thursday, January 15th, 2015 at 9:18 pm