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Exotek Hop-ups for Durango 210 Series

Durango 210 Series Hop-ups From Exotek

Exotek Hop-ups for Durango 210 Series
The crew over at Exotek have announced some uber new hop-up parts for the 210 series of vehicles (like the DEX210, DEST210, and DESC210) from Team Durango. Pictured above are the Exotek 7075 alloy rear hubs priced at $29. Pictured below is the front brass weight insert ($10), a lightweight alloy idler shaft ($3), carbon fiber battery strap ($16), and DEX210 carbon fiber front shock tower ($25). Click THIS link for complete information.

Want to read more about Exotek here on BigSquidRC? HERE is the link.

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Posted by in Exotek Racing, New Products, Team Durango on Friday, August 10th, 2012 at 3:57 pm