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Duratrax 3.8 Monster Truck Tires

Duratrax 3.8 Monster Truck Tires & Pre-Mounted Sets

Duratrax 3.8 Monster truck tires
So you’ve got a big mean monster truck but find you can’t put all the power to the ground with your stock tires. Duratrax has a brand new line-up of 3.8″ Tires and Pre-mounts to solve your problem. Borrowing from their smaller tires, Duratrax has brought Banditos, Lockups, and Six Packs up to the 3.8 size, and they also introduce one new tire, the chevron tread Hatchet MT. All the tires are molded in a new sport compound to provide excellent grip while offering long life. The pre-mounts are available on either chrome or black wheels, and in either a standard or 1/2″ offset.

The Duratrax 3.8s run $27 a pair, while the pre-mounts have street prices from $37-$39. These are available right now and you can click This Link for all the part numbers and additional information.

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