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Duratrax 835B 835E Upgrades

Duratrax 835B & 835E Upgrades

Duratrax Carbon Fiber 835B 835EThe Duratrax 835E and 835B 8th scale buggies have been doing well with the basher crowd. They both have affordable price points and have proven to take a good beating. With their popularity, users are looking to make them even better with hop-up parts. Today Duratrax has announced some affordable parts to beef up and allow more tuning on their popular buggies. The upgrades include-

* DTXC8942 Shock Spring Front – Yellow/Med (2) (835B/E option) $2.69
* DTXC8943 Shock Spring Rear – Yellow/Med (2) (835B/E option) $2.69
* DTXC8940 Shock Spring Front – Cyan/Heavy (2) (835B option; 835E stock) $2.69
* DTXC8941 Shock Sprint Rear – Cyan/Heavy (2) (835B option; 835E stock) $2.69
* DTXC8946 Shock Spring Set – White/Soft (4) (835E option, 835B stock) $3.59
* DTXC6641 Graphite Center Brace (835B only) $8.99
* DTXC6640 Graphite Front Brace (835B/E option) $12.99

Some of the upgrade parts are available right now, while others should be in stock very soon. To see everything that Duratrax has to offer, simply click THIS LINK for their official website.

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