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Duratrax Aluminum Hop-ups for 835B 835E

Duratrax Aluminum Hop-ups for 835B & 835E Buggies

Duratrax Aluminum Hop Up Parts 835B 835E Buggy
The Duratrax 835B and it’s electric brother the 835E have started taking off with the bash crowd. After all they are affordable and can take some abuse.

Duratrax has come up with 12 hop-ups made from heat treated 7075 T-6 aluminum which have been beefed up in key areas to make your 835B or 835E even tougher. They also focused on making them attractive, and affordable.

DTXC9334 7075 Aluminum F/R Lower Suspension Mount $15.49
DTXC9335 7075 Aluminum R/R 2° Lower Suspension Mount $15.49
DTXC9336 7075 Aluminum R/F Lower Suspension Mount $15.49
DTXC9337 7075 Aluminum R/R 3° Lower Suspension Mount $15.49
DTXC9328 7075 Aluminum F/R Upper Suspension Mount $15.49
DTXC6635 7075 Aluminum Front Chassis Brace $19.99
DTXC6636 7075 Aluminum Rear Chassis Brace $19.99
DTXC9298 7075 Aluminum Machined Front Shock Tower $33.99
DTXC9299 7075 Aluminum Machined Rear Shock Tower $33.99
DTXC8180 7075 Aluminum Machined Knuckle Arm (2) $41.99
DTXC7976 7075 Aluminum Machined Hub Carrier (2) $44.99
DTXC7977 7075 Aluminum Machined Rear Hub (2) $41.99

These hop-ups are in stock now, hit THIS LINK to check out all the option parts for the Duratrax 835E.

In less than 24 hours we’ll have bashers from all over the Midwest gathering in Orland Park Illinois to get big air, break parts, bench race, and have a day they’ll never forget. To see pictures from last years BigSquidRC Orland Park Bash click THIS LINK.

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