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duratrax tires

DuraTrax Equalizer and Persuader Buggy Tires

duratrax tires

The folks from DuraTrax continue their tire line with this latest offering. The Duratrax Persuader and Equalizer 1/8 scale buggy tires are that latest offering. The Equalizers are for high grip on looser tracks while the Persuader is meant for indoor or smooth, hard packed tracks. They are available in soft C2 or super-soft C3 compounds, and you can get them unmounted or mounted already for you.

wheel nutsAlso from DuraTrax are these 1/8 Wheel Nuts. They are closed to keep out the dirt, dust and mud. 12mm inside diameter in black or blue with 1.0 or 1.25mm pitch. They also have Knurling on the inside flange to help keep them tight.

Check out the Duratrax Website for details.


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