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DuraTrax Evader DT Week: Installing Ball Bearings and Aluminum Idler Gear

We’re on day three of DuraTrax Evader DT week.  Today I’m installing one of the best all around hop-ups you can get for your Evader DT, the full ball bearing set (part DTXC1096).  These ball bearings will not just make your ride more durable, they’ll also make it run faster and last longer on the battery.  Ball bearings are an excellent way of increasing the efficiency of your drive train, and when it comes to driving with electricity, efficiency is key.  I’m also installing the aluminum idler gear from the Nitro Evader series (part DTXC8081) to prepare my DT for the major power that will be coming from the Castle Creations Sidewinder brushless ESC and 4600kv motor.  This idler gear is not compatible with the stock bushings and ball bearings on the electric Evaders.  So to use it you’ll need to provide an additional pair of 5mm x 10mm x 4mm (that’s inner diameter, outer diameter, and thickness), and it just so happens that DuraTrax sells the exact set we need as part DTXC1535.  Other than the different sized bearings, this gear fits like a glove in the Evader DT’s transmission.

If you haven’t already done so go read our review of the Evader DT.  As a quick recap, on the first day I installed a full set of DuraTrax’s hard anodized shocks and day two saw me installing a few chassis mods with some aluminum parts and the graphite chassis.  To follow this feature week just bookmark this link.  For a full list of optional accessories that are available for the DuraTrax Evader DT be sure to check out the DuraTrax web site.

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