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Dynamite Large Scale Safety Kill Switch Review

Dynamite Large Scale Safety Kill Switch Review

Hi there this is Hawaiian Chris, one of the members of the BigSquidRC Bash Crew. I recently got a chance to review the Optical Large Scale Kill Switch from Dynamite RC.

The Dynamite Optical Kill Switch (part #DYNE1240) was made pretty compact and with good quality JST plugs. The opto-coupling was housed in a sturdy plastic cover and proved to be quite durable. Dynamite also included an LED that is mounted somewhere visible on your body. The main requirement to using the Dynamite kill switch on your 5th scale is having a 3 channel transmitter as the 3rd channel is used to turn the kill switch on & off.

The installation was a piece of cake- you plug one end into the 3rd channel of the receiver, drill one hole to mount the LED (engine can run when LED is lit), and take off the pullstart off your engine to get to your coil’s kill switch. You then attach the Dynamite’s wires to your coil and finish by re-attaching the push button kill switch onto the 2 remaining Dynamite plugs.

The Dynamite switch kills your engine in 3 different ways- via the dedicated 3rd channel, from loss of signal from your radio, or it can be set to a desired cut-off voltage.


The Dynamite Optical Large Scale Safety Kill Switch worked like a charm. It was easy to install and is cheap insurance (just $37) for all you guys out there wanting to protect your $1,000 plus rigs. I think it’s a home run because it is optically controlled, when any signal is disrupted it will kill the engine. I love it and highly recommend getting one.

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