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Dynamite RC Passport P4 Battery Charger Bluetooth

Dynamite Passport P4 Multi-Charger w/ Bluetooth

Coming later this month from Dynamite is the Passport P4 Multi-Charger with Bluetooth Connectivity. The P4 can charge up to four batteries at one time and can be used off of AC or DC input power. Here are the highlights-

* Dynamite Dashboard – control and monitor via Bluetooth
* Charges- LiPo, LiIOn, LiFe, LiHV, NiMH, NiCD, Pb
* Max charge rate of 10 amps on channels A & B, 5 amps on channels C & D
* Max cell count- 6S LiPo, 15 cell NiMH
* Backlit 480 x 320 color display
* 40 battery memory
* Built in balance ports

The Dynamite Passport P4 Multi-Charger has a part number of #DYNC3017 and will be street priced at $199.

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Posted by in New Products on Thursday, April 11th, 2019 at 4:44 pm