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Dynamite Passport UltraLite 50W ACDC Charger Multi-Tool

Dynamite Passport UltraLite 50W ACDC Charger and Multi-Tool

Dynamite Passport UltraLite 50W ACDC Charger Multi-Tool
Battery chargers seem to get more exotic every year, the new Dynamite Passport UltraLite 50W AC/DC Multi-Tool is a good example of this. The new Dynamite is not just an AC/DC charger, it is much more, and it will look like some sort of multi-meter when sitting on your pit table. Some of the features and specifications are-

* 50 watts of charging power
* 10 watts of internal discharging
* Three digit LED display
* Independent Li-Po, Li-Fe, Li-Ion voltage checker
* 4 high-intensity LED utility lights
* 1A USB charge port
* Unique space saving design
* 100-240V AC (50/60Hz) or 11-18V DC input voltage
* Detachable AC and DC power cords
* Rugged industrial plastic case
* Short circuit, over-current, and reverse polarity protection
* Low input voltage protection
* Over temperature protection
* Battery storage mode
* Includes 1 insulated banana to EC3™ battery adapter cable
* Includes 1 JST-XH balance adapter board

Street price is expected to be $95 with an expected release date of late October. For more information click THIS link for the official Dynamite website.

Yes, it’s Friday, we dare you to click THIS mystery link.

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