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E-Fest 2015

E-Fest 2015 Wrap-Up

While most of the BSRC Bash Crew are surface fanatics, we can’t wait for the E-Fest indoor airplane festival to roll around every year. The event is top notch and gives us a chance to learn about the air side of the hobby, plus the chance to watch some of the greatest pilots on Earth show what rc aircraft are fully capable of. It also gives us a chance to rub elbows with hundreds of “everyday” flyers, the type of people that read BigSquidRC every day. To boil it down, E-Fest is a fantastic event that puts an emphasis on having fun, whether it be getting in some flying time, bench racing about the hobby with friends, or seeing all sorts of new airplane related products.

We would like to give a Huge Thank You to Hobbico for putting on such an extraordinary event, to all the vendors for their support of E-Fest, and to all the flyers that make it all worthwhile. Big thanks also need to go out to “Hawaiian Chris”, Craig “The Uber Ramp Guy”, 3D Bill, and Mary “The Spokesmodel” for doing such a great job working our booth this year.

If you have never been to E-Fest, seriously try to work it into your calender, it is truly an incredible event. It sounds like Hobbico is going to do some really cool things with the show in 2016 and you can hit up This Link to visit the official E-Fest website.

We cover all kinds of events, find more event coverage at This Link on BigSquidRC.


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