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Electrix SC Rumor Mill – Big Squid RC Exclusive

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So we have been hearing a some buzz in the industry about the Electrix brand will may soon be releasing a short course truck! Around the water cooler we have been hearing the name Electrix Torment tossed around.. I think that’s a pretty good name. We have had some poorly named vehicles lately from other companies.. glad to see the Electrix guys are willing to do some work in the name department. But it gets better, we have heard this vehicle may ship with a 2.4ghz radio using Spectrum technology!! So a SC vehicle, on 2.4 in the Electrix price range?! That we like a LOT! We have heard a very much rumored $150-$160 target also. That would really be great.

If we hear any other chatter, we will let you know. Remember you read it here first!

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Posted by in Electrix RC, Rumor on Friday, August 5th, 2011 at 11:01 pm