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Car Sports Eliminator RC Shocks

Eliminator RC Shocks from RC Car Sports

Tuning shocks for improved performance often involves changing out oil and springs, resulting in a process that can get a bit messy and time-consuming. RC Car Sports aims to make that a smoother process with its Eliminator RC Shocks.

Rather than disassembling each shock to make adjustments, Eliminator RC Shocks feature a screw-adjustable setting that will allow you to dial in the equivalent of different oil weights. For example, “five turns of the adjustment screw can change your dampening equivalent to 10wt of oil”.

RC Car Sports is focusing on three radio-controlled models for its first three batches of Eliminator Shocks; Losi’s 8ight X, Mugen’s MBX8, and Team Associated’s RC8 B3.2.

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