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ST Louis RC Freaks 2015 Bash

Event Coverage – 2015 RC Freaks Springdale Park Bash

Last weekend the BigSquidRC Bash Crew had the pleasure of attending an organized bash put on by the St. Louis RC Freaks. The RC Freaks are a bunch of hobbyists that hang out on-line on the RC Freaks Facebook group, but every so often they like to meet up in person and get their bash on. While our BSRC Bash Crew thrash cars pretty much every day, it’s nice for us to get out with a bunch of other hobbyists to hang out, talk about cars/trucks/buggies, and to get some serious airtime. Needless to say, we accomplished all those things (and then some) at the bash.

The RC Freaks got with the owner of Springdale Park in the Southwestern metro of St. Louis to use some land for the bash. The spot was basically a large grass covered area that had a bunch of park benches, trees, and canopies, making for a nice venue. Several members of the RC Freaks also brought in ramps which made for some high flying action during the day. All in all it was hard to say how many people showed up, but we would put our guess on close to 100.

Unlike some organized bashes, the RC Freaks don’t hold any formal events. You can show up any time you want, bash whenever you want, then leave whenever you want. This highly laid back formula is very popular among the bashing crowd, everyone we spoke with had a fantastic time.

Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so below you’ll find a hugeeee gallery showing all the different cars and people that attended the bash. We would like to thank the folks at Springdale Park for letting all us crazy bashers use their facility, and we would also like to thank Kyle, Tim, Albert, and the rest of the RC Freaks for putting on such a fun event. To get more details on the RC Freaks and to find out when their next bash will be, Right Here is the link to their official Facebook page.

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