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Event Coverage – Central Illinois R/C Pullers

jerseyville-rc-truck-pull-13Last weekend I loaded up the SUV and huffed it over the Mississippi River to the small town of Jerseyville, IL for a big r/c truck pull. The Central Illinois R/C Pullers (check em out on Facebook) were nice enough to invite me out, and it just so happened I had two trucks prepped and rarin’ to go (my RPM Mock Intake installation article last week featured one of them).

For those that don’t know how pulling works, it’s a cousin to drag racing. Whereas the object of dragging is to see how fast you can go, in pulling it’s how far you can go. Drivers pull a sled that transfers weight from a rolling to dragging load via a weight box that bears down on a skid pan the further a vehicle travels. Every class pulls the same amount of weight with distance measured from where the chain attaches to the sled pan.

The Central Illinois guys run the standard 30 foot track and give drivers two pulls; distance is combined to get a final total. 60” is max. If multiple drivers make 60” (i.e. full pulls) then there is a final pulloff where more weight is added to the box. Drivers then get one final yank for a tiebreaker.

CIRCP runs 3 main classes. Pro stock trucks are basically tweaked scalers with added front weight boxes (Axial SCX10’s are a popular platform and make quite capable pullers), and then the purpose built mod 2wd and 4×4 trucks pack big power and mega wheel speed. I had a great time pulling in 2wd and 4×4 (Modified and Smokin’ Mule trucks, respectively) and I’m already looking forward to my next trip up to Jerseyville. Big thanks to the CIRCP folk for running a great program and showing me lots of hospitality!

For full event results and more pics click the “Read More” below!

8lbs Modified 2WD

1. Magnum Jr. 60’/30′(Pull-off)
2. Wicked Willy 60’/28’4″ (Pull-off)
3. Modified Mule 60’/DQ (Pull-off)
4. Wife’s Gripe: 43’6″
5. Old Blue: 33’6″
6. Low & Slow: 31’9″
7. Root Beer: 32’9″

8lbs Pro Stock 4×4 Truck

1. Punisher SCX10: 55’6″
2. Plum Crazy: 53’2″
3. Old Timer: 52’10″1/8
4. Black Betty: 52’10”
5. Orange Ford: 51’3″
6. Big Squid RC Red Ford: 48’10”
7. Gone Bananas: 47’2″
8. Weasel Diesel: 44’9″

10 lbs Modified 4×4 Truck

1. The Hulk: 59’8″
2. Smokin’ Mule: 59’2″
3. Dirty Hooker: 58’2″
4. Black Betty: 57’8
5. Do Drop: 51’1″
6. Inch Pinchin’ Mule: 42’6″
7. Stroker’s Ace: 27’1″ (Broke)

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