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Event Coverage – Show Me Scalers Top Truck Challenge tough truck mud bog
Driving scale trucks is huge right now so Cubby and I decided to hit the Show Me Scalers Top Truck Challenge. The event was put on by the crew and consisted of three events – rock course, mud bog, and truck pull. The pulling event ended up getting cancelled, but for a good reason, the turnout was so big that they simply ran out of time.

Adam “The Uber Intern” had built a killer STRC equipped Axial Wraith for Cubby to drive and I drove our BSRC review Vaterra Twin Hammers. Both are tough scale machines that worked well for us all day long.

The event was held in Wentzville Missouri, a town on the north-western edge of the St Louis metro area. Competitors were divided into three different classes based on the truck they were driving. The three classes were 1.9, 2.2 and the crazy “unlimited” class.

The 2.2 trucks kicked things off, first competing on the rock course, then going over to the mud bog. The smaller 1.9 trucks got their turn next, and the “Unlimited” class trucks went last. The rock course was quite challenging and the mud bog was just plain fun. I had never competed in a “scale” event before, luckily the Show Me Scalers event was a blast and I look forward to hitting another one soon.

Event results-

1.9 Rock Course

1st – Aaron (Honcho SCX10) – 4:18
2nd – Doug W (SCX10 – 4:45
3rd – Jeff B (SCX10) – 4:56
4th – Brian (SCX10) – 5:06
5th – Bob (SCX10) – 5:34

2.2 Rock Course

1st – Jeff B (Wraith) – 1:48
2nd – John D (AX10) – 1:51
3rd – Chris B (Ax10/X-Trail) – 1:54
4th – Teddy (Wraith) – 2:17
5th – Danny (Wraith) – 2:24

Unlimited Rock Course

1st – Ken (6×6 SCX10) – 1:18
2nd – Curtis (6×6 SCX10) – 1:55
3rd – Chris B. (Summit) – 2:43
4th – Chad (Mad Torque) – 3:44

1.9 Mud Pit

1st – Doug (Rusty Jeep Comanche SCX10) – 5.9 seconds
2nd – Bob O. (SCX10) – 6.4
3rd – Tim (Twin Hammers) – 7.3
4th – Bob O. (Hi-Lift) – 8.0
5th – Doug (SCX10) – 8.1

2.2 Mud Pit

1st – Todd (Wraith) – 4.5 seconds
2nd – Danny (Wraith) – 5.3
3rd (Tie) – Brian (Energy) – 5.7
Brian (Wraith)
5th (Tie) – Jeff (Wraith) – 6.3
Ken (Wraith)

Unlimited Mud Pit

1st – Chris B. (Summit) 3.2 seconds
2nd – Ken (6×6 SCX10) – DNF

For more information on scale trucks and the lifestyle, hit THIS LINK to visit the Show Me Scalers website. Looking for even more information on scale realism? Try THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

Click below on the “Read More” button to see 8 more galleries full of the rock crawling and mud bog action from the event.

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