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Everybody’s Scalin’ – 1.9″ Tire Size Reference

I think most would agree that owning a 1.9 rig is what gives you the true scaling experience. The “training wheel” guys may disagree (aka 2.2), but 1.9’s are definitely the most popular, if nothing else.

Given that most of us don’t have access to truly mountainous and/or wild environments to play in right around our houses, it’s usually the best combination for fun (1.5 and smaller trucks seem pretty limited by what they can run in) and challenge (the aforementioned 2.2 trucks, due to their size, can require some really gnarly terrain to break a sweat).

That said, there are an insane amount of 1.9 tires on the market. As a capper, their actual height can vary wildly. A 1.9 truck with 3.8″ tall tires is going to look and handle a lot different than one with over 4.7″ of rubber. Bigger tires can also mean rubbing depending on what chassis and body you have.

While I can’t help you decide which is right for your truck, here is a big list that I put together featuring many of the most popular aftermarket tires, ordered by manufacturer and size. Again, these are all for a 1.9 wheel.

Pro-Line Hyrax Class 1 – 4.19″
Pro-Line Interco TSL Super Swamper – 4.30″
Pro-Line BFGoodrich All-Terrain KO2 – 4.35″
Pro-Line BFGoodrich KR2 – 4.71
Pro-Line Hyrax – 4.73″
Pro-Line Interco TSL Super Swamper XL – 4.75″
Pro-Line Flat Iron XL – 4.76″
Pro-Line Interco Bogger – 5.4″

Pit Bull A/T Hardcore – 4.05″
Pit Bull Rock Beast – 4.45″
Pit Bull Rock Beast XOR – 4.55″
Pit Bull Mad Beast – 4.65″
Pit Bull Rock Beast XL – 4.75″
PIt Bull Growler A/T – 4.75″

RC4WD Prowler – 3.78″
RC4WD Dick Cepek FC-II – 3.79″
RC4WD Dick Cepek Mud Country Scale Tires – 3.97″
RC4WD Scrambler – 4.09″
RC4WD Genius – 4.13″
RC4WD Dick Cepek Extreme Country – 4.17″
RC4WD Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ – 4.19″
RC4WD Mud Slinger 2 XL – 4.21″
RC4WD Challenger – 4.24″
RC4WD Fuel Offroad Mud Gripper – 4.33″
RC4WD Rok Lox – 4.52″
RC4WD Interco IROK – 4.65″
RC4WD Attitude – 4.74″
RC4WD Mickey Thompson Baja Claw TTC – 4.75″
RC4WD Compass – 4.75″
RC4WD Goodyear Wrangler MT/R – 4.75″

JConcepts Scorpios – 4.72″
JConcepts Rupture – 4.92″

Axial Ripsaw – 4.3″
Axial Maxxis Trepador – 4.6″
Axial Falken Wildpeak M/T – 4.7″
Axial BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 – 4.7″
Axial BFGoodrich Crawler T/A – 4.7″

Boy, we’ve sure come a long ways when the only thing available was the classic Pro-Line Flat Iron, eh? And that’s not even everything out there!

The choice for finding the right rubber for your scaler can be very tough, but hopefully this list helps at least a little bit by sorting what’s what in regards to height. Good luck!

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