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Everybody’s Scalin’ – A Little Baby Leafer, Isn’t It Cute?!

The biggest news that dropped this week was the announcement of the Pro-Line Ambush, a new 1:25 scale RTR crawler. Let’s ignore that Pro-Line is making their own scaler for a minute (that is big news in and of itself) and instead look at the fact that it has a leaf spring suspension. It’s a LEAFER, hell yes! I’ll raise a drink to that!

As I like to repeat ad nauseum, leaf trucks rule and are by far my favorite type of scaler to wheel. The thought of a mini version had never even crossed my mind. Cool to see it being done!

Ok digression aside, it’s pretty cool to see Pro-Line get involved whole-hog with a crawler of their own, even if it’s a small scaler. There are few companies in this hobby where just the name on the box can get you excited, but Pro-Line is definitely one of them.

The first thing that popped into my head when seeing it was that it would be a lot of fun to do a winter indoor comp series with these things. You wouldn’t need much real estate to pull off a challenging and fun course. Maybe I can talk Brian into letting me commandeer a section of the office for such a use?!

Pro-Line shared an unboxing/crawling video on their Facebook page where it was said that accessories and other bodies are in the works. It would be cool to see a few different options like little TSL tires or a baby Comanche. Heck, maybe even softer leafs or hardened gears. I’m sure whatever it is, it’ll be neat stuff.

Many of you old timers will recognize the Ambush body, a classic from when the scene was in its infancy. This was a hot topper back in the day and I know many that wish it was still in production. Hopefully this is a sign that perhaps it’ll enter into PL’s standard size crawler offerings again!

Speaking of standard size crawler stuff, I may as well address the elephant in the room and go on record to say I’d happily slap an intern or two if I could get one of these in a bigger size! A 1/10 Pro-Line Ambush leaf truck would be an r/c fantasy of mine.

My ramblings aside, look for the review of this little guy soon, as the crew is working one over as we speak.

And who knows, maybe if these things gain traction you’ll be seeing me do a feature on building a micro-crawling course in the near future? I’ve always wanted to try building one of those.

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