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Whether you’re looking for items for your scale rig or your scale garage, accessories play a huge role in the scalin world. So where can someone find all these awesome little accessories? As most of us know RC4WD and Pro Line have a pretty good selection of scale accessories but sometimes that’s not enough. For a while I was a pretty big in to collecting toys. You would be surprised how much scale items you can use from regular toys. The most obvious one is scale drivers aka WWE figures, they are the most common and they’re cheap and easy to find. If you want a more scale driver, who has his clothes on, then you have to look at the higher end action figures. Todd McFarlane makes some detailed and realistic action figures but your best bet at finding the high-end action figures is at your local comic shop or the Internet.


If you’re looking to furnish your shop, dollhouse furniture works great. From an entertainment center to a toilet, dollhouse accessories have you covered. You can actually find them at your local hobby shop. Next time you’re in their buying parts for your rig, check them out. Who knows, you might find the one piece you’ve been looking for.


As for the items that are impossible to find or no one makes, 3-D printing is the way to go. I ran into this problem myself when building the stage for the scale Metallica concert. I needed a handful of guitar amplifiers but couldn’t find any at the time. I hit up a buddy of mine who owns Tekk’s 3D Creations to see if he could help me out. All I had to do was give him the brand I was looking for and the size I needed. A week later I had six scale Marshall half stack guitar amplifiers.


Last but not least, your rig; depending on what you use for your rig will determine what kind of accessories to use. If you’re using your rig for competition then I probably wouldn’t recommend throwing a whole lot of accessories in the bed of the truck unless you glue them down. You don’t want to be that guy who every time your rig rolls over you got to spend 5 to 10 minutes looking for the top of your scale cooler; been there, done that, it’s not fun. For the trail rigs you could be a little more careless when placing your scale items. This can be an array of things such as tools, pets, barbecue grills, even a sleeping bag and tent can really turn your scale volume To 11. I hope this little bit of information helps out in helping you find new ideas and ways to accessories your rigs.


Side note:
Starting in the next few weeks I am going to start doing a fan spotlight. No, I’m not going to shine a light in your eyes like a 1950’s detective movie asking where you were Saturday night. Once a month I’m going to pick one Big Squid Fan to talk about and show off their ride. Not only will your rig get 15 minutes of fame but you’ll also get a Big Squid sticker pack! So, until next time, may the scale be with you!


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