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Carisma RC recently hooked us up with some rigs to play around with and see what we think. Tim and Cubby got the 1981 4-Door Range Rover Classic and I got the SCA-1E LWB 1976 Ford F-150. I have been keeping a close eye on the Carisma Ford F-150 since it was released since I love me some Fords from 1976 to 1979. Other then the classic look of the Ford F-150 the slight hint of a JAWS reference is what I like, and it really fits the rig. Carisma did a killer job on the body and you get your options in blue or orange and can even buy a clear, unpainted bodies as well. As for the rest of the rig there are only a hand full of differences between the Ford F-150 and the Range Rover. Lets take a look shall we?

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Length: 541mm
Wheelbase: 324mm (adjustable)
Height: 220mm (adjustable)
Skid Clearance: 75mm (adjustable)

LED-Ready, Highly detailed Licensed Ford 1976 F-150 body
Solid Axles & Double-Triangulated 4-Link suspension
New soft compound 110mm all-terrain scale tires
Adjustable Wheelbase, Geometry & Weight-Bias
New Forward Weight Bias CMS/Battery mount
New ARC-1 ESC, Improved finesse & protection
New Chassis Mounted Steering Servo position
Injection molded scale detail & brightwork
New LWB chassis, body fits TRX4 & SCX10.2
New symmetrical 1.9 True Beadlock wheels
Steel UJ’s on whole Transmission & Steering

On the Trail.
Out of the box the Fords first run was slightly disappointing due to some wicked body rub. After making some adjustments to the front shocks the body rub was no longer an issue. Back on the trail the Ford F-150 has got the wheel speed when you need it. The brushed 35T can really move and having the option to send it every now and then is kind of awesome. The tires and rims are a perfect match for the Ford F-150 and are not half bad for RTR tires. On the rocks, at Juicebox Off-Road Park, the Ford F-150 tires held up fine but when on the more jagged rocks, the front diff likes to dig in now and then. The one thing I expected to have an issue with is the plastic steering link but so far I have not had a problem with it. I made some new trails around the bridge and new cabin just for the Carisma Ford F-150. The scale shots on the new trails with this rig were great and even though the trails are not the most challenging the Carisma Ford F-150 was impressive. For me I will use the Ford F-150 as a scale trial rig, not because it can’t perform well, remember the SCA-1E LWB 1976 Ford F-150 is a G6 Certified rig and we know that’s not an easy task. I love the scale look of this truck and want to see how far I can take it. Already have the drop bed on the way and some other ideas as well.

Best Mod.
This rig is good but can be much more than that with a few upgrades. Fist mod would have to be the front steering link. Followed by the front steering knuckles, there is a lot of plastic on the front end of the Ford F-150 and over time it will start to squat from all the plastic parts wearing down.

Overall the Carisma SCA-1E LWB 1976 Ford F-150 is a solid all-around rig on the trails and course. Street price is $349.99 and is a real RTR coming with a NiMH battery and a charger. If I had to chose again between the Range Rover and the F-150 I would still pick the Ford F-150. Long wheelbase rigs handle better, and you don’t find yourself on the lid as much. Make sure to check out our full review on the Carisma RC SCA-1E Range Rover. As for me, I am returning to the scale lab to work on some tiny trucks. Have a great weekend and keep scalin’!

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