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It’s a good feeling when you can help someone out, right? Well, it’s an even better feeling when you can use RC’s to help. Hearing stories of how the hobby has changed someone’s life for the better can almost put some saw dust in your eyes. From beating addictions, to the less fortunate, the stories are endless. So, when I heard about ‘Crawlers 4 Kids’ I knew it was something everyone should know about.

Crawlers 4 Kids is a non-profit organization that gives special needs kids and lower income families a chance to enjoy the hobby. If you think you can hit them up because little Johnny wants a crawler like his Daddy you would be barking up the wrong tree, so please don’t waste their time. But let’s be real, not everyone has a full rig they can donate. Crawlers 4 kids takes spare parts, remotes, batteries, any thing you can think of, that will help with a build.

They also have a mentor program almost like the Big Brother program. If you are interested they will do their best to pair up a mentor with a child in need. No matter what you are able to do, any little bit or part helps gets the kids on the trails. And with all of the modern technology and access to anything on the web kids are in desperate need of out door activities these days. The hobby can teach kids mechanical skills as well as social skills just by getting together with a group and hitting the trails. Some kids unfortunately don’t get the chance to smile a lot but if you can put a remote in their hands I can guarantee their smile will be as bright as the sun. Like they say, no one is unhappy when playing with RC cars.

If Crawlers 4 Kids is something you think you would be interested in getting involved with then click on the link. All the info you will need to know is on their Facebook page. So, the next time you are going though your scale junk yard of parts or what ever you got laying around not being used, think to yourself, “could someone else use this”. Crawlers 4 Kids is definitely the right choice to make if you decide to purge. Have a fantastic weekend on the trails and Keep Scalin’!

Hit the Crawlers 4 Kids Facebook page here.


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