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Everybody’s Scalin’ – DIY

For my money, one of the coolest things about the scaling genre is that even though it’s become super popular, with so many RTR’s readily available…it’s still a very Do It Yourself (DIY) type of thing.

I’m not even really talking about the mass influx of kits. Yes, they are popular, but the same could be said about that in regards to racing. The difference to me is the fact that you see so many vehicles with hand built items or one off crafted pieces. When is the last time you were at a race and saw someone sporting a completely custom built body? Or better yet, a made from scratch chassis? My point is that it’s so common see a customized vehicle on the trail that it’s no big deal, which IS the big deal to me.

Heck, just from my standpoint scaling has led me to try all sorts of things I probably would never have otherwise. I’ve sculpted and painted scale accessories by way of baking modeling clay. I’ve bent pipe and learned how to braze tube all to try and make an exo cage (I failed horribly but at least I tried!). I’ve become a master of the rattle can paintjob by seemingly painting a new body every 2 weeks. You get the point.

It’s interesting to me to see that the DIY spirit still pervades this segment of the hobby, even with bustling manufacturer / aftermarket support. In theory that should allow people to do less and just buy what they need. While that has occurred to some degree, it still hasn’t stopped the custom stuff from coming.

While I don’t have a definitive answer for why do-it-yourselfing is big to scaling, my best guess is that it’s a case of “creativity breeds creativity”. Scaling was founded with that ideal (almost everything needed to be made) and has just blossomed from there. If you see your trailing buddies experimenting with things, it’s very easy to get caught up into that yourself.

The only other possible solution I have is that there is enough bleed over from the scale modeling scene that it’s just attracted a different type of hobbyist all together from your standard backyard basher, and that influx has therefore influenced said basher to bust out the dremel, brake line, or styrene and give it a go themselves.

Whatever the reason, I don’t know. I’m just glad the “can-do” attitude is thriving in this little corner of the hobby.

Hey before we go, if you are heading to Axialfest this weekend, please give a big hello to our own Adam the Intern. Look for coverage of the event early next week when he makes it back to civilization!

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