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Everybody’s Scalin’ – Don’t Be a Fool

Ya know, the same questions are always popping up on the scale crawling boards so I figure today is the perfect day to address many of the most popular ones and give some 100% concrete advice.

– Shock Size. Bigger is ALWAYS better. The longer shocks you have, the higher your ride is, which means it’s easier to climb over obstacles and you’ll have more flex! Speaking of that…

– Flex. Gotta have it. Remember, your crawler is utterly worthless if you don’t have close to 90 degrees of articulation.

– When you get bound up on rocks, more throttle is the key to getting through. Lifting is for wussy babies.

– When you run in the mud and water, don’t worry about cleaning your motor out afterwords. Water IS lubrication, after all, so there is no harm in it.

– Got a nice new lexan shell for your truck? Don’t waste money on fancy polycarbonate paints as any old can of Krylon will do just fine.

– It’s generally best practice to always show up to a trail run after the scheduled time. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so you’ll definitely want to be 30 minutes late, minimum.

– If you do happen to show up on time or early (shame on you) make sure to leave the trail head immediately, preferably with only part of your group so as to “make it interesting” for those that arrive later.

– Park Rangers spend lots of time in the woods and therefore are dying to be entertained, so be sure to showboat with your craziest stunts while mired in their gaze.

Happy April Fools ya knuckleheads!

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