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If you did not catch last nights Big Squid RC live stream then you missed out, not only on a good time but also a new tool we talked about from DSM Off-Road. The Beadlock Buddy. I know from a lot of people myself included that dread doing beadlock or wagon wheels when the time arrives. Setting a tire on to a beadlock can be more frustrating than anything, you must pinch it down and hope the tire doesn’t pop out of the bead as your trying to tighten the first few screws. And usually you end up having to redo at least one wheel because of the tire popping out.


When DSM Off-Road hit me up about the Beadlock Buddy I was 100% onboard and could not wait to try it. I was putting a lot of faith in DSM Off-Road, taking apart a set of wheels I have already done never happens for the simple fact, it’s a nightmare at times to do wheels and after you already did them why would you go through the horror again? But I also couldn’t tell you how many times I have looked at the rigs and thought, “man those tires with those wheels would look great,” but then never doing it due to it being a pain in the butt.


I had a set of RC4WD BFGOODRICH Mud Terrain KM2s I wanted to put on a set of RC4WD wagon wheels for the camo Blazer. The first wheel and tire took me about 11 minutes and not one bit of frustration or finger pain. The Beadlock Buddy evenly pinches down the wheel onto the tire, from there its just a matter of tightening your hardware without having to physically hold the wheel in place while you do so. The Beadlock Buddy does all the hard work for you, I was able to finish the last wheel in roughly five minutes. It took no time at all to finish a full set of wheels and tires with the Beadlock Buddy, and I am happy to say I did not have to redo any of them!

The DSM Off-Road Beadlock Buddy is now available on the DSM Off-Road website and you can get your hands on one for 15.99! tell them Big Squid RC sent you, ok that probably won’t help you out but it’s worth a shot right? Have a great weekend everyone and till next time Keep Scalin’!


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