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Everybody’s Scalin’ – Duratrax Scaling Tires Discussion

Apologies for no column last week, gang. I wound up being caught in travel with (gasp) no internet connection where I was staying. I’ll try not to let that happen again! Anyways, on to it.

Over the last couple weeks, various staffers have been posting reviews of Duratrax scaling tires. You can click here for the 1.9 Approach and here for the 2.2 Deep Woods reviews, respectively. Just last week I posted a review of the 1.9 Scaler CR tires.

To be quite honest, when I got the message from Brian at our Chicago HQ that I’d be reviewing a set…I had my reservations. It’s not that I thought Duratrax couldn’t make a good tire- quite the contrary. I’m a big dirt oval fan and their Bandito tires are the hot setup. The folks around the Squid offices regularly sing their praises as bashing tires as well, so it’s not that.

I just didn’t think they’d be able to pull off a scaling tire as they are sort of a different animal. They have to look good as well as perform and I just kinda figured they’d miss the mark.

I couldn’t of been more wrong!

The C3 compound stands toe to toe with RC4WD’s vaunted X2-SS, Pro Line’s G8, and Axial’s R35. Sticky icky good stuff!

I also think that they have the best out-of-the-bag foams, save for Pro-Line’s memory foam. I’d love to see how a set of these work with high performance closed cells inside!

Yeah, the non licensing could be a killer for some people, but I’m more about looking like it COULD be real versus actually being a 1:1 that’s run on full size rigs. That sentiment is shared around the office.

I think they look great, specifically the Scaler CR’s that I had the pleasure of reviewing. As I posted in the review, I really like the white lettering on the sidewall as I’m big on that.

So yeah, good on Duratrax for offering an array of wheels and tires at a low price point that are fantastic performers. It’s good to be wrong sometimes!

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