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Hello everyone and do I have a wicked fan spotlight for you today! Normally the fan spotlight is a rig of some kind but this one is a scale garage that holds all the right keys for a Everybody’s Scalin’ spotlight. Out of Mississippi comes Daniel Baggett A.K.A Mississippi RC Addict with this beautifully built scale shop. I have been following Daniels shop build from the beginning and about halfway through I hit him up telling him how much I would love to do a spotlight on the shop once he was finished. Most people myself included, build a scale shop for interior pictures, so they end up looking like movie sets when the cameras off, but Daniel has gone that extra scale mile and made his shop as scale on the outside as it is on the inside. Even though I have other scale work that needs to be finished, Daniels scale shop has inspired me to build a new shop of my own, one that has not been made from foam board. Like I have said in the past foam board works great but does not last too long.


Here is what Daniel had to say about his scale shop.

“The beginnings of Mississippi’s scale garage, it all started with corrugated border rolls, balsa wood, small nails, and wood glue. The first step was building the walls. A very tedious project at the start. Each stud has nails just like the real deal. Next, I started framing out the studs for the windows then I built the walls and roof which took a long time but was worth it. I took the corrugated cardboard rolls, cut them to the length needed, stacked one on top of the other with some glue then painted the cardboard silver to give the “tin” effect I was going for. For the rust effect, I used flat brown spray paint in a splotchy pattern until I got the satisfactory rust effect I wanted. For the floor I used krylon stone course texture spray paint. Basically, like a type of grey splatter paint. After the shop structure was complete, I added in all the scale item from various companies and hobby lobby. The shop lights were printed and built by Powershift RC Technologies. Overall, building this shop was a lot of fun but also cost me a lot more money than I expected it to. But if you are wanting a scale shop, I highly suggest building it yourself. ”

Hopefully, Daniels scale shop can inspire you as well as it did for me. And we here at Big Squid RC would like to thank Daniel for sharing his artwork with us. Make sure to check out his Instagram @mississippi_rc_addict
and see all of Daniels wicked rigs. Have a great weekend and Keep Scalin’!

P.S: Love the Squid Banner!!!!

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