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Everybody’s Scalin’ – Fill My Eyes With That Crawler Vision

You know how you know you are really into crawling? When you start to experience the phenomenon I like to call “Crawler Vision”, that’s how. Once you are afflicted by this condition, you know you are in deep. In my many travels talking to other hardcore types I can confirm it’s definitely a thing. So what is it? To understand it let’s first talk about “crawling lines”.

A crawling line is a combination of vehicle approach angle and axle/tire placement that a driver chooses to tackle an obstacle. The uninformed may think that crawling over rocks/obstacles is as simple as driving up to it and mashing the gas but that really isn’t true. Sure, smaller stuff can be taken like that, but to get over the really gnarly stuff that looks impossible a driver has to know what he/she is doing.

The more you do it, the more you start to develop the ability to automatically know where a tire needs to come into contact with a certain part of a rock or how vertical you can go without tipping over.  Eventually, if you do it a ton, you may develop crawler vision.

Whenever  I see any sort of rock formation, no matter the circumstance, I immediately visualize a crawling line and imagine trying to take on the terrain. It’s like a weird form of daydreaming. Heck, just this weekend I was enjoying the weather at the zoo with my family and found myself being distracted more by the exotic landscaping than I was by the animals on display. “Ugh, if only I had my Wraith I could totally nail that line!”, I thought. It’s like my vision is permanently warped whenever I see cool terrain.

Have you ever experienced crawler vision? The only cure I’ve found is a temporary one – more crawlin’!

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