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Welcome to this Monday edition of Everybody’s Scalin’, after looking at the GCM Racing wheels hanging on my pegboard for about two months I just could not wait any longer to get them mounted. The original plan was to use the wheels for a build for USTE 2022 and still is, but until that build is ready it makes no sense in just looking at the beautiful wheels, so I jump started that part of the build.

The wheels are Mini-Mag Scale 10-hole 5 lug and will work with 1.55 and 1.7 tires. 1.7 is a forgotten about tire size when in fact they look more scale than a 1.55 or 1.9 at times. As of now I used a set of RC4WD 1.55 Mud Thrashers because that is what I had available in my scale boneyard. When it came down to mounting the wheels and tires, I had my DSM Off-Road Beadlock Buddy ready to go but did not end up needed it. the GCM Racing wheels went together so smooth, there was not fighting the wheel to set on the bead or having to use longer screws then go back to add shorter ones. Besides the sexy look of the GCM Racing wheels, they have a deeper offset witch brings the wheels in closer to the axel along with adding a more scale look with the tires not sticking outside of the body. After seeing them mounted on the RC4WD Blazer and getting a little bit of trail time, I think I might need to get another set for that USTE 2022 build because the Blazer owns them now!

On a side note, Axial Fest Badlands has been confirmed for June 24th – 26th and I cannot wait, getting to only do one day last year was a bummer. But this year I will get to do the whole thing and have started doing some little details to the SCX10 iii. After adding a Reefs Raw 500, more on that another time, I needed some meatier tires and went to the boneyard and found an old but not bad set of BFGs take offs from an SCX10 ii Cherokee. Using a TYPES Tire Marker I pained the letters, I’m a sucker for white letters on tires, and doing just that little bit can make the rigs scale appearance go that much farther.

Hope you enjoyed this Monday edition of Everybody’s Scalin,’ and will return to our regular Fridays this week. Make the week great and Keep Scalin’, later!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by in Everybody's Scalin' on Monday, April 12th, 2021 at 9:55 pm