For Bashers, By Bashers!


Over the last month or so we have been doing a lot of testing with our Axial Racing SCX10 III. The kit performs well if assembled correctly. Do not try to blame Axial because you stripped a screw out or forgot a bearing in the transmission, that’s called builder error. I will admit, I have had my fair share of those. No matter how well a kit or RTR performs there is always that urge to hop it up and really make the rig stand out from everyone else’s. Well, we felt it was time to dress up the SCX10 III like its about to go to prom and RC4WD agreed with us. They sent us over some goodies to make it happen!


The SCX10 III needed a roof rack. RC4WD does not currently make a roof rack specific for the SCX10 III Jeep so we picked the metal roof rack for the Axial SCX10 Wrangler, with roof rack lights, hoping it would fit. For once, I took a gamble and it actually paid off. The RC4WD roof rack is a perfect fit for the new SCX10 III Jeep body. I finally have some where to put my scale tent, lol. The scale shop also has a new set of scale Garage Series 1/10 hammers from RC4WD, now the scale guys in the shop can use a real hammer!

The stock tires for the SCX10 III are not bad at all just a little too big for my liking. A set of RC4WD Falken WildPeak H/T 1.9 tires should fix that. Since RC4WD released the Falken WildPeak tires I have been drooling over them, if you want a scale tire then look no further. I cannot wait to see the tire tracks in the dirt powder!!

Choosing a wheel that would match the build took some time, we all agreed on the RC4WD Mickey Thompson MT Metal Series 1.9 wheels. Good solid wheels with nut covers to hide your nuts, because no one wants to see those. A good heavy wheel will make the tires overall perform better. More weight means the tire will form over obstacles, almost like grabbing the rocks by hand. Also, the rig will be planted to the ground helping with the top heaviness of some rigs.


Check out the shop pictures and makes sure to check back and see how it will look when finished. And if you happen to be going to Axialfest Badlands, stop by our booth and give it a look see in person! We would like to thank RC4WD for their continued support and willingness to help us out. It means more then you will ever know.


Well that wraps it up for me, must get back to my new possum friend. Make the weekend awesome and Keep Scalin’!


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Posted by in Everybody's Scalin' on Friday, June 5th, 2020 at 4:53 pm