For Bashers, By Bashers!


What a recovery week it has been as Cubby would say. You know an event was good when you feel you need to take a week off after the fact, and Horizon RC Fest 2019 was no different. Last years RC Fest was my first big event being on the Big Squid RC payroll and I was a little shy. I didn’t really know anyone and I was afraid to say anything. It felt like the first day at a new school or job. This year was completely different, over the year I have gotten comfortable and made a ton of new friends. They should really call it Horizon RC Family Reunion, because that’s what it felt like. As soon as we arrived, I saw Michael Green from Pitbull Tires, who I spent some time with at USTE, but there was also someone wearing a kilt running around that I had been seeing a lot of on social media. The one, the only, Brian Parker, having never actually met him in person he made me feel like I have known him for years. Parker’s energy and intensity is something to marvel at in the man, made me feel 80 years old, lol. Parker’s G6 crew did a fantastic job on the crawler course this year. Last years was a ¼ of the size of this years and they also had multiple lines for us doll house truck nuts.

Paul Willhite from Pro-line Racing was also there and I had to go over and drool over the new DODGE RAMCHARGER body that should be out next month for about $70.00, just sayin. Put me down for 12 Pro-line, we all can’t wait to get them on the trails! Other than seeing old friends, Horizon fest also gives you a chance to meet and make some new ones as well. A couple weeks prior I was talking with Bari Musawwir, driver of the Monster Jam Zombie Truck, about the event. He is an extremely nice guy and loves him some RC, we just need to get him into scale crawling. Tony Cece from CCxRc also stopped by to chat, I can honestly say talking with him was a pleasure. We seemed to be on the same page for almost everything we talked about. As far as YouTube channels there are only a handful I watch and his is one of them. So, when I got to meet the RC Sailors I honestly didn’t really know who they were. So, of course, Friday night I checked out their page and I really enjoyed it. Nate and Abby are very nice and it’s so awesome to see a couple work together in the hobby they love. Once my little boy is ready to watch RC vids, and I don’t mean the Big Squid ones I make him watch, I know if I put the RC Sailors on he is in good hands! If you want 100% family friendly give them a look.
Just like every big event I have to always stop by the scale Gods RC4WD and say hi. Joe Garlak was holding down the fort and if you haven’t seen his Friday night shop talks you need too. You can learn a ton of tips and it’s naturally a good time.
Jeff Shirley and his truck pulling crew were out in full force for the weekend, and it made me think hard about dusting off the old truck!

The crew from RC Overdose was also out in full force. Since their Facebook page is in my top 3 of groups I post to I was definitely fan boying when I met them. Little bummed I didn’t win the banner 3 weeks in a row for their page but I am definitely trying! Keep up the great work RC Overdose, we all thank you for what you do! Last but not least is the entire Horizon Hobby staff. From sun-up to way past sundown the Horizon Crew were working harder than I have in the last 4 years lol. To whomever picked the music for the weekend I think they deserve a raise. By far the best music I have heard at an event, just next time play some Korn for me.

Ok, so this is probably what you’re all waiting for. You may have heard a tale of the tall, muscular man, who kicked a 12lb 1:8 buggy going 99-mph and walked away. Ok, maybe that’s not at all what happened, more like a fat man can’t move fast enough and gets hit with a 99-mph buggy, then screams, “I’m gonna puke”. I am so glade we can all make jokes and laugh about this, but don’t let that fool you, I know how lucky I am. That could have easily changed my life forever. I knew the dangers of what I was doing, so the only one to blame is myself. I am not the type of person who dwells on what could have happened, it’s a wasted thought process that I don’t have time for. Just don’t ask me to radar your speed run anytime soon or tell me how it hurt when your ECX Torment hit your foot lol.

All in all, Horizon RC Fest 2019 was amazing, even being hit with the ‘event curse’ you know, the one where you make sure all your rigs work and as soon as you get to the event they all are on the verge of breaking. Seeing all the kids, mine included, at all the Try Me Center’s, give me high expectations for the future. That little kid that asks to try your rig may very well be the next big name in RC. Once you light the fuse there is no putting it out. Even though I’m not into flying, the planes were crazy cool. The Top Guns Horizon has were just that. Pulling some of the most challenging tricks in some bad wind on top of it. I can only imagine what next year will bring, either way you can count on seeing me there! Till next time, have a great Fathers Day weekend and keep Scalin’!

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