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Everybody’s Scalin’ – Keep Moving Forward

If you aren’t moving forward then you are either standing still or going backwards. Here at Big Squid we like to think we are always moving ahead. At the very least we certainly try.

Scale trucks have always been sort of an oddity around here when it comes review time. When driven in comparison to your standard track/basher vehicle they are slower, handle worse, and even tend to be easier to break (i.e. scale accessories, hard bodies, heavier). This doesn’t make them bad though!

Look at this way – a hammer and screwdriver are both hand tools. Both can put a spike-like object into a workable material. Still though, one is better suited for a certain job. Using a hammer for a task better suited for a screwdriver doesn’t mean you have a bad hammer.

Big Squid is always going to be basher first, but we recognize that we have built a very strong audience of scaling fanatics (it’s why I’m still employed here, ha) and perhaps it’s time that we review those vehicles and/or accessories slightly different.

Don’t worry, we are still going to be tough on them as ever. Our bread is buttered beating the $*#^ out of things and reporting what we find out. At the same time though, we feel that you, the hobbyist reading this (this is the Friday scale column so I’m assuming you like this sort of thing…right?) wants a bit more out of your review for these types of vehicles.

Here’s an example – While a basher cares about a vehicle being able to get big air off a jump, a scaler would rather know if a vehicle can take a nasty tumble off a big hill and survive. Both involve air and being able to take a beating, but how they go about said air is different. It’s stuff like that we are talking about.

Again, this isn’t some kind of massive change or anything…we just want to better server our readership. There are a lot of big scale crawler releases on the horizon. We want Big Squid to be THE place you go to find out if they are worth your hard earned cash.

You can check out our first such tweaked scaler review soon as we are currently busy working on one for the RC4WD Trail Finder 2 (as seen in the pic above). Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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