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Everybody’s Scalin’ – Kits, Kits, They’re Good For Your Heart

There have been several big kit announcements recently, and with them have come a good amount of reader feedback. In response to our blurb about the RR10 Bomber kit, one reader wrote-

“The prices of kits are too damn high!”- Neal S.

Now look, before saying anything else, Neal is a long time BSRC reader and fan. He’s a good dude and we always appreciate his support. It just so happens that in this case I vehemently disagree with his opinion!

I realize this is an extremely subjective thing. What’s “too damn high” for one person may not cause another to even blink an eye. In comparison to the prices across the wide spectrum of our hobby, though, I see nothing wrong. I find them to be a great deal, in fact!

The premium kits (Axial, RC4WD, Vaterra) typically all feature high end components and upgrades so little, if anything, is needed to be replaced to work well right out of the box. Sure, you can ALWAYS find something to upgrade, but on the whole you’ll have a well built truck from the get-go.

That’s in contrast to many (but not all) RTR versions of some of the same vehicles which require junking and replacing the electronics, tires, and suspension links to be able to really hang out in real world conditions.

Taking into account the fact that you can find $30-$40 discounts if you know where to look, I just don’t see how anyone could complain that they are a bad value. Sorry Neal, I just don’t agree with you on this, buddy.

Let’s change gears though and discuss something that I’d hope we both CAN agree one – It’s awesome that builder’s kits continue to be a major part of this hobby segment.

It wasn’t that long ago when the kit was an endangered species, whereas you could only find them for high end race cars and Tamiya re-releases. It’s made a real comeback thanks to scaling.

And while “comeback” may be a relative term considering that with all the data I’ve been privy to, RTR vehicles vastly outsell their kit brethren, it’s still great to see that they’ve become profitable again.

The beauty of having both RTR and kit options available for most vehicles is that the user has a choice. If you find one overpriced, well then hopefully the other option makes you feel better. If you find BOTH overpriced….well, perhaps the vehicle just isn’t for you, then!

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