For Bashers, By Bashers!


2021 in the Hobby was a good year. Events around the country had massive turn outs, and the number of releases was more than enough to keep everyone busy. So, lets look back at our year and remember the good time because that’s all that matters!



What has become the Daytona 500 for scale events, USTE kicks off the year with an amazing event. USTE 2021 was the best one yet, with more scale building and events there was always something to do. The generosity of last years event was beautiful, it was Operation 11 Charlies first event and people wanted to let them know how much we love and support them. The overwhelming response Operation 11 Charlie received Showed them that not only is the RC community there for them, but the events are an amazing environment for them as well.


Was we and muddy, but that didn’t stop everyone from having a great time. You know an event is good when you get home and your face hurts from laughing and smiling so much. Being able to camp onsite is a huge part of the event, hanging out with a bunch of RC nuts all night is something everyone should do at lest once. And if you walked by REEFS RC’s motor home at about 11pm the night before, you would have seen me, Reefs crew and Leigh Guarnieri from RC Car Action putting on the final touches of our Raffle truck. And we can’t forget about the Wedding that took place. Having the event be apart of their day was an honor and I only cried a little. This past Axialfest had its number of memorable moments, the night run filled with bull frogs and about 20,000 LEDs. But my favorite was convincing JB The Voice from Operation 11 Charlie to do a Squid Billy Jump into one of the pits of mud. It didn’t take a lot of convincing, I think it took longer for him to get his phone out of his pocket, than to make the decision to jump in the soupy mixture of earth, water, slime and possible oil.


Horizon Hobby RC Fest 2021

Tying in Horizon fest with my family vacation was a first for me. To be honest when ever my wife comes to an event, she ends up chasing after the kids the whole time. But Horizon fest is her favorite event due to the planes. And wouldn’t you know it, the best part of our family vacation was the event.  Chase was able to run around with what he though was complete freedom but in reality, there were multiple eyes in him. He befriended Leigh from RC Car Action’s little girl and the two were inseparable the entire 3 days. Crawler Canyon also did an amazing job with the crawler course this year, in the little time they had. I can’t wait to see what next year’s event is like!


Just because an event is small does not mean it can’t make an impact. The TT4C Operation 11 Charlie event we attended at Crawler Canyon was not only a fun filled day with RC, food and laughs. it was a charity event that raised over 3,000 bucks. After my Squid Billy jump at USTE 2021 I said I would only jump in mud there and nowhere else. At the TT4C event they raised 500 bucks for me to do it, so I had to take part this time. But at lest me and Lukas Banks got some free dessert, and the money went to a great cause.


Next year we hope to hit a few more events, getting out to events is what we love doing. Getting to meet everyone, play with RCs, or seeing all the custom builds makes it all worth it. So, here’s to 2022 and another year filled with RC fun and adventure! Till next time, have a great holiday and KEEP SCALIN!

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