For Bashers, By Bashers!


Last weekend I had a chance to get out and do some crawling with the local club Chi-Town RC Crawlers. It was a much-needed break from sitting in front of my laptop working on videos. Knowing that I didn’t have much time to crawl I only charged one battery, a Max Amps 2s 4750 – Graphene lipo shorty pack, one of the batteries Max Amps hooked us up with for USTE20. All the rigs from USTE20 need a little work after the journey to and from Florida and since I wanted to run on tougher terrain that the scale rigs can’t do so well, I took out our Carisma Ford F-150 for the run.

After about an hour of running the trails I had to head back all while hitting up some random spots along the way. Anytime you can drive your rig back is a good day and all on the same battery pack is even better right? After getting home and what I thought was going to be a short RC day turned into a “let’s see how many rigs we can play with using the Max Amps pack from the morning crawl”. Looking around the Cen Racing Monster truck looked lonely, so I tossed the Max Amps pack in for round two. Getting a battery to last long in a crawler is nothing new or hard to achieve, the driving is relatively slow and there are lots of dead trigger time. You must get those scale pictures for that next banner contest. Monster Trucks on the other hand can put a battery to the test with a lot more wheel speed and rising temps. After a few hot laps around the front yard me and my little guy came to the agreement that we needed some jumps to air out the Cen Racing Monster truck. The fire pit monster truck rally lasted about 45 minutes then it was on to the next rig.

Surprisingly the Farm Truck survived the trip back from USTE20 with minimal damage, figures the truck that looks like the biggest piece of junk is the one that didn’t fall into the hateful arms of the UPS man. Round 3 on the Max Amps pack was a scale trail run through Juicebox Off-Road Park. At about this point I was expecting some power loss or for the lipo cut off to kick in mid run, but it never happened. By the end of the run with the Farm truck it was starting to get dark, so I switch rigs out for the 4th time. Luckily number 4 was the Axial Racing Capra RTR, stock equipped with lights, I was ready to finally get that Max Amps battery to die. Hitting the more challenging spots in the Off-Road Park with Capra is always fun. What can I say, I’m a sucker for the Axial Capra. From the look to the performance standpoint the Capra is a beast! As the sun was starting to call it a day and set behind the scale trees of Juicebox Off-Road Park the Max Amps 2s 4750 – Graphene lipo shorty pack that started the day with me was finally at its end.

Understand that I’m not trying to imply that the Max Amps 2s 4750 – Graphene lipo shorty pack lasted a full day nonstop. There were breaks in the day, I ate lunch, changed a few diapers, washed the dishes, and played Super Explorers with my little boy. What impressed me about the Max Amps battery was the fact that I was able to use all 4 rigs on a single battery and ended up with enough run time to enjoy all of them. Well played Max Amps, well played…
If you have time next Tuesday, make sure to check on the latest episode of RC Conspiracies at 9:30 PM EST. I will be retuning as a guest and with that show you never know what direction the conversation is going to go. Till next time, have a great weekend and Keep Scalin’!

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