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I want to start off this week’s edition of Everybody’s Scalin’ with some sad news. Over the week the scale crawling community had to say goodbye to a very talented builder and fan of Big Squid RC, Jason Pierola. Jason will be missed by more people then he could imagine. Rest in peace Jason, heroes are remembered but legends never die.

Ok, so even Jason would say “Get on with the post”, so this ones for you bud!

After getting the vinyl for the Pro-line Racing 1977 Dodge Ramcharger I wasted no time trying to get it finished. After I completed the grill I couldn’t believe how good it looked, mind you there are a few flaws in the bump, but for the most part I think it came out great! Trimming the windows and fenders were a little tricky. Cutting anything only 1/2cm wide is tedious but the vinyl stretched around the curves of the body like a glove, just a little advice, don’t stretch it too tight or you will have it wanting to curl up on you.

I added a little keychain light on the cap for an interior light, best $5 I have ever spent, just sayin. Painting the Pro-line Ramcharger was kind of hard to get the paint to lay in the bed, almost like the Pro-Line Power Wagon bed. You just can’t seem to get it in the corners very well unless you use 15 coats, which I did, and then backed the orange with white to make the orange pop. The RedCat Gen8 still helped with the build by supplying the side mirrors. I also shaved down the back of my drivers legs and bottom to make him sit better inside the rig. Shaving the back legs down is better the cutting them in half because you still see their legs and they don’t look like Lieutenant Dan.

I got a chance to take the Ramcharger out to a car show, and despite what my wife thought, people were giving the Ramcharger a lot of attention. This body is a head turner and if Pro-Line Racing keeps putting out sick new bodies we are all going to have to buy a lot more rigs! Have a great weekend everyone, get out and enjoy the trials for the ones who can’t and keep Scalin!

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