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I was going to talk about Axial Racing’s CAPRA vehicle but like all of you, I only know what we have been teased with. As of yesterday we can confirm it will have portal axles, something a lot of people have been asking for from Axial Racing. Perfect example of a company who pays attention to what people are asking for. For the record, now that Axial is coming out with a portal axle rig, can we please start demanding an Axial leaf spring rig? I will be attending a secret meeting with the rest of the bash crew at a certain RC Air field this weekend and I’m hoping to get some info that I can share with all of you.

In the mean time I did a little thing and started a new scale garage. Unlike the main scale shop this one is a lot smaller. As awesome as massive scale shops are, let’s be honest people, you really don’t see to many shops or garages with lofts and all that Jazz. The look I’m going for with the new shop is something you would see in the out skirts of a city; dingy, dirty, rusty, and grimy is the best way to describe it.

I’m a little ashamed to say this but I finally checked out Hobby Lobby, usually I go to Michaels for the odds and ends. After the local hobby shops I found my new favorite store! Since the new shop is wood and not foam board finding the scale brick wall paper was a big help, just not to sure on the color. I would have definitely went with classic red but all they had was white so that will work for now. I will definitely keep you all updated on the progress. Better yet, send me some pictures of YOUR SCALE SHOP to Jeremy (at) and possibly be featured in a special edition “Scale Shop” Fan Spotlight!

Before I leave you all this week I want to mention an upcoming event. Great Lake Gauntlet Presented by DSM Off-Road in Saranac Michigan on September 14th. It’s a one day event but from what I hear it is one hell of a good time. For more information click the link*F. I will definitely be attending and suggest you do as well if your able to; now, to figure out what rigs to bring, lol. Have a great weekend everyone and keep scalin’!


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