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Everybody’s Scalin’ – My Struggle With Beadlocks

Gonna be fast and loose this week as I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire and wanted to update all ye faithful as to what you can find on this portion of the interwebs very soon.

From the pic above you can see what I’ve been doing at my desk all morning – assembling some 2.2 Pro-Line Denali wheels with BF Goodrich KR2 tires. SO. MANY. SCREWS. As long time scalers will undoubtedly know, the struggle is real when it comes to bead locks. It would seem the cooler a wheel looks, the more PITA they are due to all the screws (I’m looking at you Vanquish!). And as misfortune would have it, there are no power drills currently at Squid HQ. Let’s hope my wrist holds up to finish this post. But hey, at least being PL, they go together smooth. Look for the review of both very soon.

Keeping with Pro-Line, I’ve got a set of Brawler monster truck wheels all mounted up to my beloved race clod, ready to due battle at this weekends Trigger King monster truck race. I’ll be slapping them on my RR10 bomber as well, for you non-monster truck folk. Will they survive a brutal freestyle session? You will hopefully be able to hear this tale shortly.

I have recently found myself in possession of a beautiful XRay F1 car. And while it’s not off-roading, it is still scale. I’ve never raced on-road before (save for an ill-fated attempt at touring car that lasted one evening) but given my love of the 1:1 sport and fantastic looks of the vehicle, I’ll be detailing my experience sometime in the near future. Um, unless I wrap it into a wall. In that case, this will be all you ever hear of it. Lewis Hamilton, eat your heart out.

I’m working on converting an ECX Torment we recently used in a review to a classic looking dirt oval bomber car that also doubles as a backyard basher. This should be a fun one.

And finally, something I’ve talked about forever in this space is my seemingly never ending lust for the one popular scaler that I’ve never owned – an RC4WD Trail Finder 2. I’m happy to say that is about to be rectified and I’ve got some cool ideas lined up for it. Suffice it to say it’s going to be an enjoyable time having a vehicle that’s about as true to scale as they come. No official word on if the little Toyota leaks oil all over the driveway like my brother’s 1:1 but, by God, I’ll be sure to test it out.

Whew, I told you I was busy! The weather across the midwest looks absolutely fantastic this weekend so the Squid crew is going to be out in force taking advantage of it. I hope that wherever you are it’s a weekend full of r/c!

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