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Everybody’s Scalin’ – My Visit to the Great Train Expo

We are taking a break from standard r/c stuff to talk about the original scaler; the model train. I had the pleasure of attending the Great Train Expo last weekend, which took place right up the road from me in Saint Charles, MO.

This event is part tradeshow, part exhibition carnival and part flea market. Among the super detailed displays were vendors hawking their wares. The amount of scale stuff for sale was crazy. You could find everything from a specific turn of the century caboose to a pig feeder.

The amount of work that these people put into their train displays is pretty awe inspiring. I know the work that goes into tricking out a scale crawler, so even though I have no experience doing the same with a train layout I can really appreciate the work they put in.

But wait, this isn’t r/c you say? Well, actually it is. Ok sure, you’d still see people operating a many of them by way of transformer but a lot of the intricate displays were remote controlled.

So what more is there to say? Check out the large batch of pics below! Special honors go to the guy who recreated the Back to the Future 3 scene where a train pushes the DeLorean!

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