For Bashers, By Bashers!


A Picture is worth 1000 words. One thing most of us scale guys love to do is take pictures of our toys. Whether it’s a banner contest, Wheels up Wednesday, or Flexin’ Friday; having a great scale picture can leave a lasting impression.



Anyone can just take a picture of a RC car. For some of us getting the perfect shot is what it’s all about. The terrain were you play will be a big part in a good picture. Even a fantastic scale shot could be ruined by something so small as a leaf. Below are a few ideas I use to get the perfect scale shot.



Once you find the right spot and are ready to take your photograph take a couple minutes to kind of clean up the area that will be in the picture. A little bit of prep can make a world of difference. Try to get the camera at eye level as if you were taking a picture of a real vehicle.   Laying down on your belly or kneeling in a little creek of water is something you might have to do for the perfect shot. If you have any type of restrictions that would stop you from kneeling or laying down on your belly don’t let that discourage you, not every scale shot is a close-up.



Pictures from farther back with the whole terrain in the background can be just as powerful as your Front-End Friday scale shot. Just be careful when you’re using the zoom because too much can take away from the quality of the picture. Luck can also come into play with taking pictures as well. Sometimes when you’re not even trying you can end up with an amazing picture. For instance, on my way to the Mud Rock and Tears crawl in St. Louis I stopped at a gas station, put my Trx4 bronco by one of the gas pumps, and snapped a really quick picture just to let everyone know I was on my way. There was no prep-work or anything, just a quick snap of my truck and it turned out amazing. So, grab your crawler, grab your camera, and head on out see what magic you can capture.

On a side-note, this past weekend we had a toy grade RC challenge for our favorite autism charity. The event bled Big Squid red! We put toy grade RC trucks to the test. Events included Mini Style G6, Hillclimb Drag Race, Mud Bogging, Boat Pool and a fire jump at the end just for fun. Not only was it a lot of fun to play with these toy grade RC trucks but it was also fun to see how far the hobby has grown into what it is now.  We also raised a lot of money for charity. If you ever get the chance to partake in an event like that I suggest doing, it it’s a lot of fun and a lot of laughs.


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