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Last weekend I had time to mount the Pitbull RC Braven Bloodaxe 1.55 tires on the RC4WD 4Runner. When chosen to drive 1.55 rigs you must remember its night and day in comparison to the standard 1.9 rigs.  What a 1.9 rig can maneuver over with ease, a 1.55 rig will have to work harder at the same obstacle given the tire size difference. 1.55 rigs are the scale trail rigs anyway but I think having a scale tire that can still perform when called upon can turn your shelf queen into a trial king.


  • Signature Alien compound
  • Scale four lug tread design
  • Scale 4 lug tread pattern
  • Medieval axe sidewall lugs
  • Molded scale rim guards
  • Scale replica of the 1:1 Braven BloodAxe tires
  • Internal sidewall ribs with extra sidewall supportIncludes tire foams 

Tire Specifications:

  • Diameter – 3.45”
  • Width – 1.1”
  • Wheel Size – 1.55”

I had a whopper of a time trying to mount the first two tires without my longer screws. Yeah, and that is 100% on me,

After having the tires all mounded up I hit the off-road park to see how well they would do on the new mountain. We have had a lot of rain the last few weeks so the mountain has packed in well, but the dirt is still loose enough for a challenge. Still lots of work to be finished on the mountain simply happy its drivable right now and there are a few trails made. The Bloodaxe’s handled the step incline and declines with minimal tire slip. When doing some side hill runs, I did have some push from the front but was still able to have control. On the rocks the Bloodaxe tires did an awesome job of getting the 4Runner up and over. These tires have a narrow footprint so choosing your line is key if you do not want to get snagged.

Still not sure if I like the wagon wheels, they were mainly used because that is what I had laying around the shop minus one for some odd reason. Luckily, RC Everyday hooked me up with an extra wagon wheel he had so I could get the job done. Other then the wheels I am incredibly happy with the BloodAxe tires and after seeing a set on the Yeti Jr Can AM… well, looks like I will have to get another set! Pitbull is pulling off a good job of making sure us tiny tire nuts are not left out of the aggressive tire market. I wonder will we ever see a Pitbull RC on road car tire? Probably not but that would be wicked if that ever happened.


As some of you know Boss Man Brian has some issues but is on his way to recovering, I asked him if he cried and he still hasn’t responded so this may be my last post. Lol, all jokes aside, we all wish him a quick recovery! Till next time, have a great weekend and keep Scalin’.




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