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Everybody’s Scalin’ – Prepping for the Mud

Happy Friday everyone. This column is going to be a bit short this week as I’m working on a myriad of things, most notably writing part two of this article detailing my Axial SCX10 mud truck and getting in some wheel time on various product reviews that I hope to post before long.

So given that I’ve been in the mud quite a bit this week, let me bring up something that I’ve found to be invaluable – Pam Cooking Spray. Yup, that’s right and no, I haven’t gone crazy.

My older brothers are old school dirt bikers and when they head out to ride they always have a can or two of Pam in case conditions are wet. They spray the main chassis components down and then as long as they wash the bikes the same day, all the crud effortlessly comes off. Knowing that I was in for some serious mudding thanks to the mud truck, I decided to finally try this out in an r/c application.


I shot a light coat of the cooking oil all over my truck before heading into the nasty stuff and, wouldn’t you know it, clean-up was a breeze! The mud came right off with a squirt of the hose. A good wipe down and dry off and it was good as new.

So there ya have it folks, if you intend on getting very dirty and don’t feel like picking caked mud out of every hole or screw, have a squirt of Pam and clean-up will be easy. It’s a pretty simple trick that I wish I would’ve tried out before….it would’ve saved me a lot of headaches!

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