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What’s going on Scalin Squids! RC4WD has released a new 1/10 Advanced Scale Winch Controller and Receiver. Now when it comes to electronics its hit or miss for me, I have installed with no issues, and I have also installed wrong and that’s not a good or cheap time. In the past the RC4WD winch setups could be confusing while installing, as well as the majority of people thinking they have to run an additional battery to power the winch. RC4WD has now come out with a awesome user-friendly setup for the winch!

While you can still run an additional battery if you would want to power the winch controller, you can also plug the winch receiver into an extra channel port if you have a radio receiver with 3 or more channels to power the system without using an extra battery. The new winch controller is also easy to use, with two buttons, one for up and one for down, the controller works great and was easy bind. Check out our unboxing and install video for the new RC4WD winch controller and receiver! This new winch setup is perfect for our ShrinkRC build and adds that much more scale to the rig.

Head on over to the Official RC4WD Webpage for more info!

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