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What’s going on everybody? Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend, I know I did!
Whenever I have longer than normal time off the gears in my head usually start turning. This past holiday weekend was no different. I worked out a deal for a RC4WD Trail Finder 2 that has the Blazer body. If any of you follow my Instagram you probably have seen it, if not, feel free to check it out @Jeremygriffith72.

What really grabs my attention, other than the fact that I’ve been wanting a leaf spring rig for quite a while now, is the body itself. I already have a RC4WD blazer body but this one is different. Before I go into it I can’t take credit for any of the detail on the body, other than painting the windows on the topper. It was definitely a combined effort from Alvin Munoz and Joshua Powell who both really made this body what it is. I have said it before and I will say it again, I love the look of a beat-up old truck. Alvin Munoz did a fantastic job on weathering the body and interior.

Weathering a body can be tricky, too much and it will look over whelming, taking away from the look itself. Dry brush, dry brush, dry brush; If you can master that you are on your way. If you are from one of the states that doesn’t really have rusty trucks like California, Arizona, Texas and Nevada, to name a few, then you might not understand the Midwest’s infatuation with rusty rigs. Alvin didn’t stop with just a beat up old looking body. He wired the lights in a way to make it look like one headlight was out as well.

Joshua Powell added a few scale accessories. The old boxes and tow chains Joshua added may be small but in the Scalin’ world small can be a big deal! If you have ever bought an old 1.1 truck there is usually a bunch of junk in the bed. One of my best friends found a leather coat from the 80’s in one of my old trucks and to him it was worth the $800 bucks I paid for the truck to just find that. And yes, he still wears it out in public. Back to the point I was trying to make is that adding some old looking junk in the bed of your rig is Scalin’ gold!

As for me, I only did a few things. I blacked out the topper window and replaced the front windshield and changed the tires. I know it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what Alvin and Joshua did. But in all honesty the body is done to how I like it so I didn’t see a need to mess with it. But don’t you worry, I have some ideas for the engine bay so stay tuned!
If you have a beat-up scale looking rig we would love to see it! Till next, time keep scalin’!


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