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I just love when RC companies do teasers of upcoming rigs or events. So when I started to see RC4WD teasing about something last week on their Instagram I was very intrigued. Having to wait those hand full of days is never easy. I am a very impatient person so once Wednesday arrived and RC4WD went live on their Facebook page I was glued to my laptop.

Before dropping the bomb shell of a secret they were hiding, the crew from RC4WD went over some new products that are coming out with and a hand full of events they have attended and other events they will be attending this year. The whole time I just kept saying to my self “Please be a Trailfinder 2 Dodge Ramcharger”. So… I may have not gotten my selfish wish of an old Mopar rig but what all of us in the Scale RC community got was just as good.

Looks like we all have a new event to add to the list, the West Coast Scale Challenge 2019. Now it is still too early for all the details but we do have a date and location of October 25th – 27th in Lake Kaweah, CALIFORNIA. The background of the live video was not only beautiful but so is the location of the West Coast Scale Challenge. Lodging was also talked about as far as camping grounds and hotels in the area. I will admit I’m a hotel guy, I work outside so I’m not sleeping outside, lol. So far this event seems to be a relaxed event and not just a massive comp. but for all of you competitive folks, don’t worry, I’m sure there will be some events that will satisfy your inner champion. Giving the event dates I wonder if there will be a Halloween theme of some kind.

If you missed the live video click the link below and the link to the event itself. As more information rolls out we will be sure to keep you posted. So, mark your calendars because The RC4WD West Coast Scale Challenge will be here before you know it! Now it’s time for me to get back to the scale shop and put in some work. Have an awesome weekend and keep Scalin!

Make sure to hit the RC4WD West Coast Scale Challenge Event Page for details.

You can also check out the RC4WD Facebook Page for info.

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