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What is up Squid Nation! Over the last few years, I have been seeing a lot of wicked scale garages. Weather its build from scratch, or bought, the scale garage world is opening up, allowing everyone to enjoy another outlet in the hobby.

For me, a scale garage is a must have if you are into the scale side of the hobby. Thinking back, I had a scale shop for my Traxxas Slashes when I was racing. Now it’s not the most scale RC out there, but it was still fun to set up a scale “race shop” for them. Element RC understands the need for a scale garage, hence the reason all Element RC RTR boxes turn into scale garages. Side note, the Zuul box is my favorite so far from Element RC.

A few weeks ago, I got in contact with Bobbys RC Garages. They make scale garages from 1/24 to 1/10 or bigger if you want. I wanted a new scale garage for Juicebox Hobbies, gave them the size, and details, of what I wanted to be on the shop’s walls. Mind you, this was a custom build, and you have the option to buy the stock ones has available on their web site.

The two bay doors I went with the Squid Logo and the new Juicebox Hobbies logo. When they asked me if there was anything else I wanted on the walls, I told them a Korn flag and Back to the Future poster was a must. And let me tell you Squid Nation, nailed it!

First, I was blown away by how fast their shipping is. From the time I paid, to when I received, was only 3 days! Then opening it up and seeing it was even better. The details on the walls are amazing, from the lights to the framing. Those details add so much depth to the scale garage and creates a realistic look. The images are printed on a corrugated plastic board, making it light and easy to store away.

The new scale garage is a great addition to the hobby shop. Big thanks to for making this for us, it will be getting used a lot!

Next week we dive into our build updates, RC Everyday Rat Rod, Cross RC WT4, and a new one! Till next time, have a great week, and keep scalin!

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Posted by in Everybody's Scalin' on Monday, January 29th, 2024 at 11:18 am