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Everybody’s Scalin’ – Redcat Everest GEN-7 Discussion

Ever since the announcement of Redcat’s Everest GEN-7 scaler was made, we have gotten e-mails from fans of the company begging us to talk about it (sometimes in not-so-nice terms).

The reason it hasn’t been talked about much is because it’s not an actual physical product yet. That said, with the 3D renders out there as well the price point, I’ll oblige and get into what I think of it from the info that’s available.

The configuration of the Everest looks very similar to that of an OG SCX10, albeit the center transmission skid looks to be higher up for increased ground clearance. It also looks to include aluminum angled links. Both of these are good things, methinks.

The axles are the SCX10 burly style and look plenty beefy. If the internals are standard pot metal, like pretty much everything on the market, it should handle most brushed crawling systems just fine.

The rig will come with licensed Swamper tires and bead-lock wheels, which are a big plus. The Swampers look very aggressive. While the tire compound quality remains to be seen, having bead lock wheels right out of the box means you can swap tires without needing to purchase anything else, should you so desire.

The renders don’t really show anything in regards to electronics, save for that it will have a brushed motor/esc. Let’s hope the drag brake is servicable!

The chassis is…eh, not really the best looking. Instead of straight frame rails it has the shock mounts built in, and therefore has an odd “u” shape. It may prove tough when out on the trail but cosmetically it isn’t my cup of tea.

What is my cup of tea, however, is the battery mount. Angled and up front, this is bar none my favorite spot to mount a lipo on a scaler. That should really help with weight distribution on what already appears to be a very balanced rig.

The unlicensed body resembles a Jeep Cherokee with a cowl hood. Not the best looking getup on the market but its serviceable enough. The bumpers with D-rings really look nice though.

Now let’s talk about the big thing- the price. There is a base version available for $200 and a “fully appointed” model for $250 (most likely this includes the roof rack with scale accessories).

$200 for what looks to be a quality 1/10 scale crawler is a pretty big deal. If it proves itself to be halfways decent I could see it becoming the “go-to” vehicle for a newbie looking to get into crawling that doesn’t want to drop $400 on one of the other popular vehicles on the market.

I’m really looking forward to getting in some trigger time with one of these when they release this summer. Redcat has been stepping up their quality considerably in recent years, so hopefully the Everest GEN-7 continues that trend and gives scalers another viable platform to build on.

There will surely be much discussion about this vehicle in the coming months!

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